KCACTFRegVII2019 has ended
The University of Oregon in Eugene will play host to our festival this year. We are most excited to be in the land of the Duck!! This year, the festival is a walking festival, so bring your umbrella, waterproof shoes and jacket, some layers and a sunshine(y) disposition.

Eryn McVay

Western Washington University
Monday, February 18

4:00pm PST

Tuesday, February 19

9:00am PST

10:00am PST

11:00am PST

2:00pm PST

Wednesday, February 20

9:00am PST

1:30pm PST

Thursday, February 21

9:00am PST

1:30pm PST

3:00pm PST

Friday, February 22

12:30pm PST

6:00pm PST

8:00pm PST